Friday, November 8, 2013

Which Wich? Superior Sandwiches

Bentonville, Arkansas has become a mecca of fine cuisine and interesting eateries since The Crystal Bridges museum came along two years ago.  Located at 1406 Walton Boulevard in Bentonville, Arkansas, Which Wich offers submarine sandwiches tailored to your specifications.  Thus the name, your sandwich, whichever way you want.  We have eaten there several times, and the sandwiches are always very good.  This place is like Subway with a twist.  Instead of telling the sandwich artist what you want as they make the sandwich, at Which Wich you fill in information on a bag.
The first time you come to a Which Wich, you will notice a wall of ten brown paper bags. Each bag corresponds to a popular type of sandwich served by Which Wich:  for example, turkey, Italian, ham and pork, etc.  For vegetarians there are a couple of options.  One can either get the Vegetarian itself, or a veggie and eggs sandwich for breakfast.  Underneath the Vegetarian bag, there are numerous empty bags and an assortment of red magic marker type pens.  The customer uses the pen to choose from multiple items in an assortment of categories.
One can opt for any of five types of vegetarian sandwiches:

Black Bean Patty(Corn & black beans blended into a savory patty)
Hummus(A savory spread of garbanzo beans, tahini & olive oil)
Tomato & Avocado(Fresh tomatoes & avocado)
Caprese(Fresh mozzarella, pesto & tomato)
Artichoke Hearts(Artichoke hearts, provolone & shredded parmesan)NEW
White, Wheat, Lettuce Bowl or Lettuce Wrap

The Hummus is said to be very good, but I have always picked the Black Bean Patty.  Once you have chosen a type, then there are many more allurements.  You can choose from white or wheat bread, or you can opt for a lettuce bowl.  You can even ask for a lettuce wrap.  Sandwiches are available in three sizes:  7 inch, 10 inch and 14 inch.  I usually get the 7 inch with chips and a drink.  The 10 inch sub is large enough that it comes cut into two wedges.  It might be enough to feed two people,  but I would probably choose the 14 inch for that situation.

Before you start adding vegetables and condiments, there are a couple more formalities.  Do you want the sandwich hot or cold, and do you want extras:  double meat or sliced egg.  After that, you can choose any of the “additions” you see below.  The little red dollar sign next to double cheese and avocado means that there is an extra price for these items.

Double Cheese$
Pepper Jack
Cheez Whiz®
Spreads & Sauces
Hot Pepper Mix
Olive Salad
Sweet Chilli SauceNEW
Regular Mustard
Dijon Mustard
Honey Mustard
Deli Mustard
Regular Mayo
Light Mayo
Horseradish Mayo
Spicy Mayo
Spicy Ranch
Fat Free Italian
Balsamic Vinaigrette
1000 Island
Honey Mustard Dressing
Caramelized Onions
Red Onions
Crispy Onion Strings
Veggies & More
Banana Peppers
Black Olives
Bell Peppers
House ChipsNEW
Dried CranberriesNEW
Candied WalnutsNEW
Oils & Spices
Crushed Red Pepper

The customer chooses one or more items from each category to complete the bag.  Then one hands the bag to a cashier and pays.  The sandwich should be ready within a few minutes, and comes pushed into the same brown paper bag you wrote instructions on moments earlier.  Cool!

Although the general idea is very similar to Subway, these sandwiches are so much better.  The ingredients are fresh and the sandwiches really are tailored to your own specifications.  While the sandwiches are very good, this is not a gourmet sandwich shop.  It still is very much a sub shop.  As long as that’s what you’re expecting, you should definitely give Which Wich? a try someday soon.  You won’t be disappointed. 

If you are a vegan, then this is truly a good option.  At Subway, a veggie sub without cheese would really be your only option.  Here you can opt for the Black Bean Patty sandwich, the Hummus sandwich, or the Tomato and Avocado sandwich.

For vegetarians, the addition of Which Wich to the local lunch scene cannot be understated.  There aren’t many places, including Subway, where a vegetarian can find five or six sandwich options on the menu.  You don’t have to worry about your food being cooked on a greasy grill in leftover hamburger grease, or having to depend on French fries and shakes to get you full.  Which Wich? is fun, convenient and healthy at reasonable prices.  7 and 10 inch sandwiches are under $10.   Anyone who has tried to eat out as a vegetarian in Northwest Arkansas knows that this is not L.A. or San Francisco.  Convenience is not easy to come by.  It’s just easier to brown bag your lunch, especially when you’re too hungry to drive all over town looking for a place to chow down.